What Is The Difference Between A Semi And Fully Automatic Espresso Machine?

These are new generation espresso machine that help a lot both experience barista and the one who is training to acquire experience to give shots. There have been a lot of debates about these two types of espresso machines. The main difference between these machines is that the automatic espresso machine has a one touch brewing system whereby the machine does all the work after putting all the ingredients that are used to get shots of coffee. Totally the difference arises in operation because the semi-automatic espresso machine in way involves manual operation. We are going to look at the way these machines operate with their features and which one is the best espresso machine.

Semi- automatic espresso machine

This machine cannot work effectively in commercial coffee making shops. It is mostly used at home and it has a portafilter, boiler and a switch that is used to switch on and off the pump that give shots. The best thing is that the barista has control over the shots or extraction that takes place. Also it is considered as the best home espresso machine.


In brewing coffee this machine gives the person that opportunity to perfect in removing shots. This happen simply because one takes control of water flow for every shot that is made.

Portafilters and grinders

The machine has two basic portafilters and they are; non-pressurized and pressurized. The differences of these port filters is that non-pressurized is made of chrome plated brass that helps in regulating the temperature. Pressurized uses a valve that does not let water out until the correct pressure is achieved. A bigger number of semi-automatic machines do not come with a built in grinder.

Automatic espresso machine

This is a one touch brewing system machine. It means you put your grounds and water and turn on your machine and let it control the volume of water that goes through the coffee grounds. The Automatic espresso machine is popular in commercial coffee shops because it does; grinding, tamping, brewing and steaming the milk.


The machine has some incredible features that have the ability to regulate temperature, brew volume, water hardness and extraction time. These machines most of them come with a built in grinders that help to save one from work of grinding the beans manually. What one does is to adjust the grinder in order to get the desired flavor.


The machine varies from the type of boilers that it comes with. Most of these machines commonly come with these boilers like thermo block heating systems, thermo coil heating systems and dual boilers. These boilers have different ways of operating like the thermo coil heating systems do not allow to brew and steam at the same time while thermo block heating systems do allow brewing and steaming of the grounds at the same time.

In frothing of milk these machine is the best because it has a standard steam wand that is used to froth milk. These steam wand differ from one machine to the other, there are some that froth your milk even in the cup that you are using.